Who Are The Angels Of Awakening

I met the Angels of Awakening in 1999. This was my first Sacred Journey to Egypt, the first time I set foot in the Great Pyramid at Giza. It was while I was lying down in the Sarcophagus that  I saw a blue flash of light, followed by a brilliant white light. This was not a migraine attack! It was such a profound experience I couldn't speak for quite some time afterwards. The intense feeling of Love was so extreme I remember not wanting to tell anyone. Paul was having his own epic experience, but that’s another story. I just knew something incredible had happened, but it took quite a few years to become really clear what it was.

This was quite a shock because I thought all Angels were the same, it wasn’t until later, having worked with the Angels of the Elohim that I just knew that the Angels I had encountered in Egypt were of a different frequency.. The only ones I knew of up to then were the four main Archangels of the Elohim, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel. I later discovered there are hundreds and thousands of Angels from the Elohim Realm.

The Angels of Awakening continued to work through me on every subsequent sacred journey over the next five years. During the summer of 2005, I had taken part in Doreen Virtues Angel Therapy 7 day course in Glastonbury. This gave me a great insight and confirmed the Angels I was working with were very different from the 7 main angels of the  Elohim Realm.

It was not until the double journey to Egypt in 2005, the first trip was with Anthony and a big group of Vortex Healers, followed by my own Sacred Journey group. This meant we were in the Great Pyramid four times in a month and the the Angels of Awakening made their presence known to me in a very big way. They were instrumental in manifesting the Daisy Centre.

The Angels of Awakening Realm is on the 13th Dimension and these Angels can beam their light to us, but we can’t go to them. These angels working with me at this time, are all bringing different qualities and teachings.

To learn more about these Amazing Angels of Awakening come to any of my classes.

Finding out Where the Angels are From

An article By Daisy Foss ~ Angelic Dream Wizard first published in Connections Magazine Issue 89 March 2011

 At the Daisy Centres Angelic Healing Retreat in Glastonbury, we are working with many Angelic Realms to shine the light, love and happiness around the world. One of the questions we are asked most is: Where do these Angels, light beings come from?

The Angels of Awakening connected with Daisy, Paul in the Great Pyramid in Giza. They were with a group of people on an Angelic Spiritual Journey in Egypt in 2005.

When you start on your spiritual journey it can be confusing. Where do I start? Which is the best pathway, direction to go on? Who do I ask? The first person to communicate with is you. Be honest and true to yourself, ask yourself these questions. What makes your heart sing? what am I passionate about? what do I love the most in my life? what would improve that love and what would feel the best for me?When you know the answers, don’t assume the outcome, ask more questions.

Ask the angels for guidance and assistance hold out your hands and wait for the reply.  Trust it will come, don’t knock opportunity, when opportunity knocks! Know that although you may not understand the reasoning behind the guidance, the Angels do, you will be amazed at how often the answers are completely opposite to the ones you expect. Have faith in the outcome and often exactly what you desired and asked for happens beyond your wildest dreams.

You can start with connecting with the seven Archangels of the Elohim, inviting and calling them in. Archangel  Rachael from the direction of the East, Archangel Michael from the south, Archangel Gabriel from the west, Archangel Uriel from the north, Archangel Chamuel in the centre, Archangel Jophielin your auric field and Archangel Zadkiel as the Violet flame of transformation all around you, as above as below, as within as without. This is your ‘Space of Love’ where all light beings can come, only if they are invited.

When you are ready the Angels of Awakening are shining their light from the13th dimension to your ‘Space of Love’, bringing the healing and awakening to all at this time. We have collectively been in a deep unconscious sleep, unaware of the complete spectrum of our gifts and capabilities. There are many people waking up to the feeling of there must be more to this life. What am I here for, what am I doing and why? Age old questions that have been raised many times, so who do you turn to for the answers?

There are many paths on the same journey, to the same destination, enlightenment.

Many religious organisations, wise ones, avatars and spiritual beings have all held out there hands and hearts to answer these questions. These include the invisible beings of light, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, the star beings and nature spirits.  Where do these light beings come from? How do we know they are there? We trust our knowing. How do we find out where these angels come from? We use wisdom and esoteric knowledge passed down through the mystery schools and oral traditions.

Once you know where the Angels come from it begins to make more sense, and you can understand them better. Although the map is in linear formation, the angelic Spheres are omnipresent and on all levels at once, multi dimensional.

Sphere 1   is the one nearest to the source, also known as God. Acting as heavenly counsellors, these angels are of the highest vibration and spread most light.

The Seraphim Angels light is so intensely bright they absorb & reflect the divine light of God. They are the highest-ranking angels closest to the source.

Cherubim Angels are often shown as babies in art and statues. However they are very powerful Angels, they are the guardians of light reflecting it from the whole cosmos, the sun, moon & the stars.

The Thrones reflect the seat of divine power, the faith, power & the glory of God. Known as the “Many ~ eyed wheels of fire” radiating the light universally.

Sphere 2 is seventh heaven.

Where you can find Angels serving as heavenly governors

Dominions Angels regulate the duties of the angels below them. They can be found on the level where the spiritual & physical planes merge together.

The Virtues are the angels of magic, miracles & blessings. Often known as the brilliant ones, there is no coincidence that Doreen Virtue is a leading Angelologist of our time.

The Powers are protecting us from destructive forces, these angels are keeping the balance of the world. They are the Powers that BE. It is the “Power of Love not the Love of Power” that will bring Peace to this world.

Sphere 3 closest to Gaia.

Serving as heavenly messengers, these Angels are the ones we connect to most easily.

The Principality Angels work with the guardian angels to inspire responsibility in individuals. They guide our Royal families and world leaders.

The Archangels, there are many of these messenger Angels, they herald the Angels of God. They are most often seen in the third eye by people who call them for help. Your Guardian Angels stay in the background, and don’t often let themselves be seen, however you just know they are there.

The Angels, there is an Angel for everything in creation. They are always protecting, guiding and helping us to heal. They are the closest to humanity, bringing an Angel to all of the qualities of love, joy, peace, hope, serenity. Also call on an Angel for all your daily guidance, computer, parking, shopping, abundance and well being.

It is always reassuring to speak with other people, who have had an Angel experience; sometime it can be quite a surprise and a little frightening, mainly because it s not what you expect. We have regular Gathering of Angels

Evenings and the Angels of Awakening Process workshops at the Daisy Centres. The way we see, know and feel our Angels presence is through your third eye and can take a bit of practice.

Once you have found and connected with your Guardian Angel they will act as an ambassador and connect you with any another Angel from any other sphere.  Be very reverent with your relationship with your Angels, they love a laugh but not being ridiculed or blamed. Angels are beautiful unconditional beings of love and will not hold any negative energy, blame, guilt or anger; they transform it instantly to love.

Remember the secret to  a strong connection with your Angels is to invite your Angels in to your life every day and then your relationship will grow and blossom.

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