The Angels Of Awakening Process

A series of four weekend workshops, each one a comprehensive introduction to self-improvement, developing an understanding of one’s own energy and the Ascension Process. The Angels of Awakening will enable you to discover your wings and fly with a renewed confidence and self-esteem.

In Daisy's book, Angels of Awakening ~ Lessons of Love, Life & Creation she has illustrated 36 lessons with beautiful stone statues of Angels, to help you to understand the Spiritual laws of the Universe. These workshops are based on her life experiences and research. The four workshops take you on a journey of Healing the Mind Body and Soul.

The Mission of this course is to realize the geometry of the Sacred Heart, and to open and experience Unconditional Love on all levels of existence, within all your relationships especially with yourself.

Opening your Heart to its full potential
Conceive Love ~ Perceive Love ~ Achieve Love
All there is ~ is Love
Believe Love ~ Feel Love ~ Be loved
Love is all there is

We start the process with a deep and profound connection to the Adam and Eve Kadnom crystal, the Sacred Heart. This is a direct communication to your higher consciousness, your pure potential, the Pearl of your Heart. Where you feel the embrace of the light beings who lovingly guide us through this journey we call our life.

Each of the four workshops takes place over a long weekend at the Daisy Centres Angelic Healing Retreat in Glastonbury, other venues can be arranged according to demand.

They are as follows:

Part 1 ~ Preparation of Self - Love

Part 2 ~ Growth of Self - Lessons of Creation 

Part 3 ~ Empowering of Self - Awakening to Yourself

Part 4 ~ Awakening - Walking your Talk

As part of the workshops you will receive a number of gifts, these include:

A signed edition of Daisy's book ‘Angels of Awakening ~ Lessons of Love, Life & Creation, an angel card reading, your personal life path chart, a gift from your angel and Angels of Awakening initiation.

Each workshop progresses to the next, it is recommended you attend all four as this will give you your certificate and your "Wings" as an Angels of Awakening Therapist. You can book individual workshops as required. Find Your Wings and Fly ~ Angels of Awakening certification will give you the experience to be an Angels of Awakening practitioner once you have completed all four workshops.

Accommodation at the Daisy Centre Retreat in Glastonbury is optional and is priced separately.