Align with your Prosperity and Abundance

The Avatar apparently contacted earth in Atlantean times and said he would come again when we were ready to receive this energy.

Apparently there are energies or vast Beings out in the universe to which we can connect if we know how.   One of these powerful energies is the Mahatma energy, also known as the Avatar of Synthesis, which is said to speed up our path of Ascension a thousand fold if we invoke it regularly.   

One really well tried and tested way to start is to connect with the Mahatma Energy that is all around and infinite.

Manifest your Prosperity and Abundance

This Mahatma energy is a group consciousness to which the twelve rays and a number of vastly powerful Beings contributed to create a great pool of energy into which we humans can now tap. Mahatma means great soul.   This energy is accessible to everyone without exception. It is the highest energy available to us on earth.   It is golden white in colour; when we call it in it flows through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

“I choose to accept and invoke a deep penetration of the Mahatma energy into my entire energy matrix, thereby allowing a full, open radiation of my Divine self in service to All That Is, now”.

It vibrates gently throughout systems until our energy becomes finer.   It helps to break up hardened and crystallised thought forms and emotional patterns.   It is the most effective way of balance and re-energising our glands.   The pituitary gland sends our youth hormones, so we can ask Mahatma energy to re-energies our pituitary gland with rejuvenating hormones (instead of expecting to age).

The more of this energy we call down, the lighter earth becomes. It can be invoked up to three times a day. We can ask the Mahatma energy to help us with personal problems, and mentally direct it towards anything that needs revolving and to others for healing.

To invoke: "I now invoke the Mahatma energy to flow through my body and my aura, into the earth, allowing me to use my life in service to the Divine ".   Visualise a golden white ray coming through and around you and then direct it to -wherever you wish.

Exercise:  Relax. Invoke the Mahatma energy. Sense or imagine the golden white ray coming down from the cosmos into your crown chakra. Ask to balance and heal your pineal gland. Move down to the third eye and flood the pituitary gland to send out only rejuvenating hormones. Move to the throat centre and heal the thyroid gland.  Repeat in the heart centre with the thymus gland.   Repeat in the solar plexus with the pancreas.   In the sacral centre with the ovaries and testes.   In the base centre with the adrenals.   Then let the energy flow down your legs in the earth, filling it with spiritual energy and anyone who needs it. Close your chakras.

With many spiritual people all concentrating and focussing on a specific vibration of love and cosmic light where ever they are in the world. we make a ripple, a super shift of energy that just happens to bring more Power of Love to Gaia, the sacred name for Earth. It is with this collective consciousness that we hope to really bring a beautiful change to our planet and restore the love that is lost through FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real.

Bless you Angels of Awakening. Come to my Abundance One Day Workshop for more.

This article was previously published in Connections Magazine

Abundance with the Angels of Awakening
By Daisy Foss ~ Angelic Dream Wizard

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