Success is yours, do you believe it?

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Realising your full potential?

The biggest obstacle for you on your spiritual pathway is the feeling of lack and not being deserving of abundance.

Ask the Angels of Awakening to show you the pathway
and guide you to your full potential.

Whether you are asking for guidance and abundance for your next rent cheque, food for your family or for your place on our sacred journey ask for help from the angels and the spiritual universal law brings it to you like a magnet.

Make the intention and then choose to focus on the outcome in a positive way and trust it will come. You will be amazed by the miracles that occur.

Your beliefs create an energy which vibrates around you. Really feel this by sitting alone and ask yourself what sensations are going on in your body. Success follows when you believe in yourself. Watch your beliefs and carefully prune out those that do not help you towards your goal. "I deserve to succeed", "I deserve to have good things", "I can handle anything". Success occurs when our personal or collective vibration resonates with the vibration of the wished-for outcome. When your left and right brain are congruent so that you think successful thoughts and picture success, success with harmony is inevitable.   To succeed, clear out the physical, mental and emotional clutter.

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“Success is yours, do you believe it?”
— By Daisy Foss ~ Angelic Dream Wizard

This article was previously published in Connections Magazine