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Return of the Sun God - Winter Solstice 2016

The Angels of Awakening Winter Solstice Retreat on the Dragon Line in Avalon

On Samhain 31st Oct the Moon Goddess dies…..she returns to source  to recharge and in readiness to be reborn….. On the night before the Winter Solstice December 21st the Sun God kisses the Moon Goddess and brings her back to life. The new cycle of life begins, it is a New Year in the Pagan / Druid / New Age calendar.

The Angels Of Awakening follow the natural rhythm of Gaia, observing and celebrating the moon cycles, Sabbats and Esbats, that’s all the Solstices and Equinoxes. The natural flow of Gaia’s energy affects everything on Earth, especially human emotions, the flow of water in our bodies is mostly responsible for this. Be in tune with the cycles, be in tune with yourself the Angels say.

This year has been Challenging to say the least for many culminating in an extraordinary Super Moon Release of old patterns and karmic conditioning, the last one of 2016 is on the 29th December. However the Energy will come to a head on the eve of the Winter Solstice December 21st 2016 then with the return of the Sun God with sunrise the new light will start to flood in.

A frosty morning in the Daisy Centre garden.

A frosty morning in the Daisy Centre garden.

Come and join us, we will be celebrating the 2016 Winter Solstice at the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury with a Winter Solstice Retreat from the Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd of December 2016. Solstice is at 10.44 GMT on the 21st 2016.

Connecting with the Circle of Sound, our Rose Quartz Community and the many other group meditations & sound activations at all the sacred sites  such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury Tor to activate and integrate the new patterns of energy of 2017. We have three events with the Angels of Awakening that deepen your connections to the Divine. Each event includes sacred sound, light language and deep healing. We need all the light workers support at this time to ensure the portals, divine doors and windows of opportunity are grounded and the full potential is realized for all of us on earth. All the kingdoms, realms, countries, cultures and religions are affected by the global energies.

Let’s stand together as ONE HEART, ONE BREATH, AS ONE LOVE.

You can start your retreat with Sunrise on the Tor, take visits to the Abbey, St Margaret's Chapel and Chalice Well. Plus plenty of time for Shopping & Healing Treatments! Join in with as many or as few events as you like!

What is the Winter Solstice?

The exact time of the solstice varies each year. In the Northern hemisphere the Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, because it is tilted away from the sun, and receives the least amount of sunlight on that day.

Many of our Christmas customs originated in the celebration of the Winter Solstice by pre-Christian people - the custom of bringing in a tree to the house, the Yule Log, the Christmas Fairy, candlelight, choirs, feasting on dried fruit and preserved meat. All of these bought hope and sustenance in the darkest days of the year, while everyone awaited the return of the Sun God. For a brief explanation of the Winter Solstice and some nice photos click here

Wikipedia has this to say:

Midwinter has been recognized as a significant turning point in the yearly cycle since the late Stone Age. The ancient megalithic sites of Newgrange and Stonehenge, carefully aligned with the solstice sunrise and sunset, exemplify this. The reversal of the Sun's ebbing presence in the sky symbolizes the rebirth of the solar god and presages the return of fertile seasons. From Germanic to Roman tradition, this is the most important time of celebration.

Practices vary, but sacrifices, feasting, and gift giving are common elements of Midwinter festivities. Bringing sprigs and wreaths of evergreenery (such as holly, ivy, mistletoe, yew, and pine) into the home and tree decorating are also common during this time.

In Germanic traditions, this liminal festival marks the last month of the old year and the first month of the new year and is followed by eleven days of extended celebration. In Roman traditions additional festivities take place during the six days leading up to Midwinter

Take a look at what we did for Summer Solstice - The Dragon Guardian energies alight with the Sacred Cosmic Fire of Ascension. The Dragon line is also known as the Michael Ley Line and runs right through  the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury.


Our intention is to draw the Dragon Energy through the Divine Father, Divine Mother and Divine Child aspect of our beings. These frequencies are imbuing all of creation with the Sacred Cosmic Fire of Ascension, bringing in the radiant light frequencies, keys and codes of the New Earth Template.  We often wonder whether our ceremonies make any difference, and who knows whether they do or not, but the outcome of world events after June 21st was quite significant. June 22nd there was a Super Full Moon, followed by the Referendum, Brexit, Trump, and who knows what else will follow? It’s been a year of change, of Populism, all change is good in the long run. A positive, happy outlook makes a difference, love always overcomes fear.

The Angels of Awakening are here to support and guide us on this amazing journey with love and grace.

If you are called to join in any of the ceremonies, classes or celebrations all the information is here on my website. I will be delighted to see you, or you may just appear, just like Merlin’s Magic. 

Winter Solstice at the Daisy Centre - The programme

Tuesday 20th December 2016
7.30pm - 8.30 pm Meditation with Daisy £5.
2-6 pm ~ Individual Healing sessions with Daisy, Dianne and Bari available. Angels of Awakening Initiation, Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing, Thai Hot Compress Massage, Atlantis Crystal Healing, Energy Healing Massage and Reflexology.

Wednesday 21st December 2016
10.30 - 11.30am - Winter Solstice Ceremony Meditation with Daisy. Free.

Noon - 3.30am - Chalice Well Solstice Gathering. Midday Meditation from Noon until 12.30. Then an informal Conversation Café on the lower lawn. “An opportunity for people to meet, share ideas, thoughts and beliefs and increase connection through understanding”. At 2pm the Winter Solstice Festivities will begin and everyone will gather together around the Winter Solstice fire for meditation and song. Lazy Daze will perform their new solstice song, followed by a celebratory lighting of the solstice fire. Afterwards Avalonian Free State Choir and Tim Hawthorn will  warm our hearts and souls around the fire. Refreshments on sale between 10 am and 3:30 pm. Normal admission rates, free to companions.

2-6 pm ~ Individual Healing sessions with Daisy, Dianne and Bari available.
7.30pm - 8.30 pm John of God Solstice Gathering of Angels. Donations.

Thurs 22nd December 2016
7.30am join us for a walk to the top of the Tor
10.30 to 11.30am – Meditation with Daisy £5
2-6 pm ~ Individual Healing sessions with Daisy, Dianne and Bari available.

If you'd like to attend the retreat please see our Room Rates or phone 01458 834587 to book. Whilst here you can book a healing treatment with Daisy Foss or with one of her team of healer friends. The price for your night's stay will be £80 or £90 for a premier ensuite room for two. For single travellers it is £50 per night for a standard room, or £60 per person per night in the premier rooms midweek. Special Winter offer applies - 2 nights for the price of one.

To book your space please contact: Angels of Awakening Academy at the
Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat.01458 834587 ~ 07970 108156  ~ ~