Finding Myself in a Crop Circle

I had wanted to spend the weekend in London with Paul, but I had a healing arranged for Monday morning at the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury. Five minutes before my healing client arrived my friend Richard walked in with a photograph of a crop circle near Salisbury, very excited to take people to go and see it. I knew Janet our guest would want to go, and suddenly there she was! She had felt called downstairs at that moment and was delighted with the opportunity. I decided I wanted some crop circle flower of life energy too, so after the healing I followed them in the car on my way to London. 

Strange things happen within the field of corn

When I got into the circle my impression was that it 'made to order', but very well done. It is interesting because crop circles mean many things for many different people, if you are inside a sacred shape the energy will be there regardless of who constructed it - alien or human. There was a very strong message in there for me, which was "Be in your Merkabah, learn more about the flower of life and teach it through the Daisy Matrix, be in your heart centre, concentrate on your healing work". This was the tenth crop circle I have visited, and all the experiences have been different. They often signify a new start, a new cycle in my life. Even with the questions that have arisen over this circle I will certainly be visiting others when the opportunity arises.

For more images click here to visit Crop Circle Connector. For information on the controversy around this particular circle take a look at the Huffington Post Article

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