Life happens in Glastonbury

may day beltane pic.jpg

The Cycles of Life arise as an
experience in Avalon

The Angels of Awakening want you to know the natural cycle is observed strongly in Glastonbury every year, both here at the Daisy Centre, Chalice Well, White Spring, the Goddess Temple  and throughout the Town.  The town comes alive with local people and visitors dancing in the streets as the procession goes from the Market Cross  to the White Spring. The festivities continue in The Chalice Well with their Water and Fire ceremonies, it is such a lot of fun and well worth a visit

We look forward to meeting you if you come and stay with us for any of these Sabbats, the Solar and Esbats, the Fire festivals. The dates for 2016 are very significant in your awakening process, share them with your groups and friends, they are as follows;

1st May ~ Beltane, May Day, Cetsamhain/Roodmas.
20th June at 22.34 GMT or 21st June ~ Summer Solstice, Midsummer, Gathering Day.
2nd August ~ Lammas, Lughnasa, Frey Fest, Lugnasad.
21st September or 22nd September at 14.21 GMT ~ Autumn Equinox, Harvest , Mabon.
31st October ~ Halloween, Samhain, Feile Moingfinne.
21st December at 10.44 GMT ~ Winter Solstice or Yule.

We are fully booked for Beltaine this year, but have plenty of availability just after, just call us for healing and accommodation. We will  have a big Healing Weekend for the Summer Solstice 2016, book your space now. Glastonbury is so beautiful and full of life at the time do do come and experience this for yourself.