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Full Moon and Longest Eclipse

Join me in  sending prayers and blessings to all those affected by the heat, fires and floods all around the world, especially in Greece. We will have a Prayer vigil tonight at 7pm, wherever you are please join in with the Rose Quartz Community. We will all join in a minutes peace with ‘The Pearl of your Heart’ meditation sending Love, Peace, Unity, Compassion and Harmony.

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Magical Virginia Beach 2018

My Gold Bags and I went off on our travels again, this time to Virginia Beach in USA for the next level of VortexHealing® training…this is the “cutting edge technology” of Divine Energy Healing. It was the first time this class had been taught. The transmissions have just come through for the students, our systems had to be ripe!  

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A Gathering of Angels on the Autumn Equinox 2017

Over the Autumn Equinox Celebration 2017 we enjoyed a whole weekend of angelic channelling, sounds and light language. With Daisy and Paul Foss, The Angels of Awakening, Jo Clarkson channelling Emmanuel and Katie Speed channelling Shimlaya.  At the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury.

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