A New Era for the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury

The Daisy Centre - 
An Award Winning Retreat Centre
in the Heart of Glastonbury


For twelve years we, Daisy and Paul Foss, have been running the Daisy Centre Retreat in Glastonbury as a Bed and Breakfast. In these years of selfless service we learnt so much about ourselves and each other, mostly how not to do things, the lesson of discernment never far away!

We have won so many awards, five years running as the favourite spiritual retreat from Soul and Spirit magazine readers as the Daisy Centre and as Daisy Foss, Angel Expert. We won Channel 4's 'Three in a Bed' TV programme competition, all so much fun. We got 4 out of 5 in TripAdvisor and Trivago.


Although we are no longer planning on selling the house we are still Going Global - expanding the healing practice through high tech communication mediums, like this website, webinars and podcasts, and organising Angels of Awakening workshops and retreats in new venues around the world. Together we will go travelling around the world promoting the messages from The Angels of Awakening, but for now we are offering Angelic Healing Treatments and Therapies in London and Glastonbury. At the Daisy Centre we offer accommodation, Healing WeekendsAngels of Awakening Academy week long Retreats and the whole house is available for groups to hire for their retreats or ours. 

Paul is concentrating on his new music venture with Stevie Kosmetiq. They have formed a new and very dynamic commercial music company called Qritikal Media.

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My London Therapy Room had a revamp too!
Do come for a healing

So Back To The Beginning….

It all began in May 2005 when I came to Glastonbury and met Doreen Virtue. I asked her if there was any chance of joining her Angel Camp at short notice, she said “Yes! come along!” It was a full seven days of Doreen Virtue teachings where I qualified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®. It was a very interesting and wonderful week. I met some wonderful angel friends who I am still working with today. The course confirmed much of what I already knew as well as learning much more about the Elohim Angels and confirming my connection to the Angels of Awakening.  

In July of the same year, I came to Glastonbury again. It was the annual opening of the Sirius star gate, known as the Lion's Gate, a portal with extreme waves of light that activated the coding within our DNA to the next level.

So how is Marina going to pay for it?

On the way home from this ceremony I was talking telepathically to my aquamarine crystal Marina and she said 'why don't you buy a house in Glastonbury?' When I got home to London at 2am in the morning and conveyed that message to Paul he said 'Okay, so how is Marina going to pay for it?' In hindsight she has done very well and enabled the money to flow through the Angels of Awakening.

The next day we looked on the internet and saw the house in Church Lane that was to become the Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat in Glastonbury. We came to have a look two days later on the Friday morning. The agents said it had been taken off the market. We left a note for the owner to say we were still interested. She rang me later and asked me what I did. I told her I was an Angelologist and I connected people with their Guardian Angels. She asked me how I knew if there were Guardian Angels around and I told her that there were normally lots of white feathers. At which point she sat down and went very white and said 'you're never going to believe this! My husband found a white feather in his breakfast this morning and asked what it meant! He put it in his top pocket and went to work.' I said that his Angel obviously had a message for him.

We loved the house and arranged to come back at 7pm that night. When we met her husband he beamed as he walked towards me, pulling the feather out of his top pocket, he'd had it there all day! By 7:30pm that night we had made arrangements to buy 6 Church Lane. It was a truly Angelic encounter, one I chuckle about every time I am asked how did you find this magical place! ….I didn't the Angels did!

The Angels of Awakening said to me during an Angel meditation, to build an Angelic space and they will come, just like in the ‘Field of Dreams’ the 1989 movie about a farmer from Iowa who hears a voice from the spirit of Shoeless Joe Jackson and other dead baseball players who come to play in his field. Ray Kinsella was searching for his dreams all of his life until one day, his dreams came looking for him. The movie was based upon the book Shoeless Joe (1982) by W. P. Kinsella, do see it if you haven’t yet, it has the feel good factor about it, a classic film.

“The Angels of Awakening were so right; 
the Daisy Centres Retreat enabled Earth Angels to find sanctuary, just ‘to be’ and meet others like themselves.

This is a very important part of the process of Awakening, recognising your true essence. We have met some amazing people, from all walks of life.  We have loved the experience of inviting complete strangers into our home to meet the Angels of Awakening.

Many guests have become good friends and have become part of the 'Rose Quartz Community' this is made up from Earth Angels who have stayed or visited The Daisy Centre in Glastonbury and become Angel Ambassadors of Avalon around the world. On 11.11.15 at 11.11 the AAA joined together in a meditation on the etheric as one era ended and another began, this marked the start of Daisy Foss and The Angels of Awakening go Global.

This next cycle for the Angels of Awakening is very exciting, there are so many new projects formulating in the ether as we write. We will continue to work with the Angels all over the world, online in person, through my new books, The Angels of Awakening Blog, podcasts and webinars.

The Daisy Centre Space has been built with such a lot of love, by Paul and myself, a little bit each year. It has brought joy and laughter and all the rest of the spectrum of emotions. There have been many times I have cried and wondered how we could carry on. We have learnt so much about ourselves and the magic and mystery of Avalon. We have had so many wonderful housekeepers, PA's and guardians of the space over the last decade. There are so many wonderful memories from so many amazing people, groups of pilgrims and their leaders from all over the world. We thank you all for sharing our dream and hope you will continue to share it with us over the coming years.

This article was previously published in Connections Magazine

Please come and stay with us and the Angels of Awakening at the Daisy Centre, we'd love to see you. For more information on rooms and prices please Click Here.

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The Phoenix is Arising from the Flames

As this year unfolds and the horrors of 2017 start to fade, it is only now that we can understand our feelings of how global, local and personal tragedies have affected our lives. Whether it is a personal event, like a house fire, or an enormous national disaster with catastrophic consequences for many people who live and work in high rise buildings. There is no comparison in the enormity of these calamities, but the personal feelings can be the same, and the process of healing is also similar.

A small animation inspired by Shakespeare's The Phoenix and the Turtle by Furry Tiger (WikiMedia Commons)

A small animation inspired by Shakespeare's The Phoenix and the Turtle by Furry Tiger (WikiMedia Commons)

Your Life can change dramatically in a moment.

Everything seems to be normal, life is trucking along, and then everything changes, in the flash of an eyelash, the flicker of a flame.

Whatever you think and believe is going to happen can collapse in a moment’s notice, in a  puff of wind. Dreams are misinterpreted and words can get lost in translation. Your world can fall apart or you can learn from the experience and count your blessings.

My personal experience of the past two years has been a roller coaster of emotions; a multitude of confusions. My head said one thing, yet my heart felt something very different. I knew I had to change the modus operandi; the Angels of Awakening wanted me to do something different. They keep saying, “We have big plans for you! You are going Global!” I took this very literally, I put the Daisy Centres up for sale and started to organise tours abroad.

I planned it all in my head, felt the release in my heart and knew I would write and travel the world with Paul. We have great faith that this dream will manifest once we have completed our unfinished business in Avalon. We found someone who wanted to buy the house, but it was not “To Be” for a myriad of reasons. Our hopes and dreams and aspirations were set, the physical and financial toll was extensive, so when they were dashed and we had to start again it was tough.

Embrace the changes with ease and grace

The amount of trauma and grief you feel is a reflection of the scale of the tragedy, and some people deal with these feelings better than others. The process of losing your home through a fire or being evicted from a property can be very stressful and shocking, even buying or selling a property you have invested so much in, can be traumatic.

If you are reeling from any kind of grief or loss invite the Angels to help you heal, especially Archangel Raphael to restore your wellbeing and Archangel Michael to give you the strength and protection to feel safe and carry on. If you'd like a Vortex Healing or Angels of Awakening Process to help you through your healing please get in touch

Don't suffer in silence,
call me and make an appointment.
The Angels will be very happy to help. 

After months of trauma, injustice, grief, loss and unhappiness, all these emotions and many more can express themselves as anger, as a white-hot fire that rages through your body, burning from your soul.

This anger can be from deep frustrations of life, feeling like you are stuck in a rut, going over the same old thing, bad habits and out of date ways that are the result of old patterns and even older conditioning. These ego positions have to shift out of the old paradigms and into the new ones.

Feel the love as the Phoenix Appears

Phoenix detail from Aberdeen Bestiary

Phoenix detail from Aberdeen Bestiary

After my experience, I feel like a Phoenix arising from the Flames of Ascension. Metaphorically Sacred Fire is a beautiful force of nature, clearing, cleansing and releasing all negative energy in our physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Merlin and the Angels Of Awakening know that my pathway of ascension is rooted in Avalon Glastonbury, it is my spiritual home. They have guided me so far and I trust them implicitly to shine the light on this exciting sacred journey of my soul.

The last sojourn on this journey was like a personal death, I felt like I had to give everything up, to let go of all attachment. In the physical realm Paul and I
had moved out of the Daisy Centres, I had packed up, I had taken Merlin, Quan Yin and some Angel statues, and all my personal belongings to my other home in London. It was such a shock when all our plans changed so suddenly. Thankfully the love and support I feel around me from my family and my faith in Merlin and the Angels Of Awakening have helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. Manifesting a friend in need and being able to help.

On my first trip back to Glastonbury for Imbolc, I bought my huge Merlin statue back in my little sports car. See my blog post 'Merlin and the Angels' about it, with lots of funny pictures of him. On the second visit, I met a very shocked friend in the High Street and she told me she had lost everything in a fire; thankfully she was not hurt badly. As a kindred spirit I didn’t hesitate; I offered her a place to stay immediately. After all we have a lot of rooms available as we thought we would be closed for refurbishment. The experience of losing everything is both traumatic and liberating, it is amazing the energetic burden we hold when we take so much for granted and hold onto so much stuff.

Rebirthing on so many levels

A reborn Phoenix, rising from its ashes from Aberdeen Bestiary.

A reborn Phoenix, rising from its ashes from Aberdeen Bestiary.

So we found ourselves reopening with a Sound Ceremony on the 11 th March 2018, 12 years to the day when we originally opened the Daisy Centres Angelic Healing Retreat. It is very
interesting to compare the energies of the day. We have transformed the space beyond recognition. The experience we have of facilitating for spiritual groups is pure gold, second to none. We intend to build on that proficiency and rebuild from the ashes to our former glory.

The Angels Of Awakening really showed up and made their presence known through our voices. They have so many Angelic portals here now, in which the
Angels bring their Divine Light through to shine through the energetic ley lines from Avalon out into  the world. The more you send out your healing light, in any way you can, the stronger it becomes. You are contributing to the communal energy pot of collective healing light that can be harnessed by those light workers and energy healers who share this amazing Angel Love Light with the world.

See One Love in Action after the Grenfell Tower Fire

In the scheme of things our experience was relatively minor, but I truly empathise with those who have lost everything. The community of North Kensington have come together, as the Angels say “One Voice, One Love, One Heart”, there is the most wonderful solidarity among the locals. They have asked us to keep the tragedy of Grenfell Tower in the public domain. We must keep talking and writing about it until the truth is revealed conclusively and everyone caught up in the tragic incident is re-homed and the grieving has dissipated. On International
Women’s day I was listening to radio 4’s “Women’s Hour” when two very courageous women told the presenter how the community came together. I loved this and I quote “for a few weeks it was the ‘Peoples Republic of West Bourne Grove’ that fed and clothed and comforted the survivors, not just those caught up directly in the fire, but all those who witnessed it too”. It conjures up a colourful and determined intention of solidarity throughout the UK.

By Strengthening the Power of Love
to overcome the Love of Power,
you are contributing to Instilling
Peace and Co-Operation across all communities.

With any horrific situation we ask, “What can we do to help?” Many people have responded to that call by assisting in many practical ways. By actively participating, whether it is with prayers, meditation circles, vigils of peace or offering your time to support local charities you are shining your light. Come to the Daisy Centre and be part of the Angels of Awakening Rose Quartz Community to remember we are one humanity, one community, one heart and
one love.

This is truly the spirit of the Phoenix arising from the Flames.
The Angels Of Awakening ask you to Feel Empowered, Feel Safe
and Secure in every aspect of your life. Feel the Force of Nature,
of Love and Light.

Hope to see you soon, Much Love, Daisy

This article was originally published in Connections Magazine April to July 2018

A Gathering of Angels on the Autumn Equinox 2017

A Gathering of Angels on the Autumn Equinox 2017

Over the Autumn Equinox Celebration 2017 we enjoyed a whole weekend of angelic channelling, sounds and light language. With Daisy and Paul Foss, The Angels of Awakening, Jo Clarkson channelling Emmanuel and Katie Speed channelling Shimlaya.  At the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury.