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Summer Solstice June 2018 - Our 13th at the Daisy Centres

We started the Rose Quartz Community in 2006, we joined together in Mediation, with Music and Sound, with many of our previous guests, clients and friends. Anyone who takes a rose quartz angel or rose quarts crystal home with them, takes a little bit of love from Avalon. We intentionally activate and program our Rose Quartz Angels and Rose Quarts Seed Crystals, to spread this love along the Rose Line that is being created around the world, by our actions of love, light and joy. 

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A Gathering of Angels on the Autumn Equinox 2017

Over the Autumn Equinox Celebration 2017 we enjoyed a whole weekend of angelic channelling, sounds and light language. With Daisy and Paul Foss, The Angels of Awakening, Jo Clarkson channelling Emmanuel and Katie Speed channelling Shimlaya.  At the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury.

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