Angels of Awakening ~ Daisy's Healing Weekends
at the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury

Experience a unique healing with Daisy  at her beautiful and tranquil Angel Retreat in Glastonbury. Feel the serene energy, soothing and smoothing any anxiety or everyday stress out of your whole system. Be immersed in Angelic Light and gain a new insight, a new perspective.  

Healing Weekends are a wonderful opportunity for anyone to come and experience a healing or a workshop with Daisy

Optional accommodation is available at her beautiful and tranquil retreat in Glastonbury for you when you book this weekend, either for yourself or with a friend.

The Angels of Awakening want to bring more
of their light and healing to you.

They will combine the teachings of the Angels, Merlin's teachings, Awakening tools and Sacred Geometry to awaken, enliven and transform you in a beautifully serene Angelic way. The standard format and timings for our Healing Weekends are as follows, but please look at the Event Page for the weekend you are attending for precise times and prices.

· Angel & the Alchemyst ~  Friday Evening at 7.30pm ~ Angelic meditation with Daisy accompanied by the Sounds of the Harmony Drum with Paul Foss, The Cosmic Percussionist ~ Angels of Awakening Group Healing. 

· Egyptian Priestess / Priest Linage ~ Saturday morning from 10am till 1pm ~
A half day course on discovering your Egyptian Priestess / Priest Temple Linage. Includes a group past life regression meditation to heal and align your soul to the present moment

· The Daisy Matrix ~ Sunday 10am ~ 1pm ~ Mystery School Wisdom building on your Egyptian knowledge. We will explain and work with the Flower of Life and other symbols. Find out how this connects you with the Angels of Awakening. 

· Angels of Awakening Healing ~ Monday Evening at 7.30pm
Group Healing Evening, come and experience the Angels with Daisy Foss 

· Personal Healing Treatments ~ Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2pm ~ Experience a unique healing with Daisy and her team will be available for a multitude of Divine Energy Healing, Massage, Reflexology and Crystal Healing. ~ see our List of Therapies. 

These weekends can be tailor-made for you and your group or just come alone and enjoy the experience. Book a room and come and stay at the Daisy Centre. £80 per night, or for a premier ensuite room the price will be £90 per night twin or double. To book please go to the Daisy Centre website.

You will have time during the weekend to explore the magical town of Glastonbury, watch the Avalon Movie video below.

A visual Journey through the Ancient Isle of Avalon by Jerey Denning and Lui Krieg