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“My Mission is to Open Your Heart to Your Inner Being.”

Be Crystal Clear in your Connection to your Angelic Realm

Finding myself with a beautiful daughter, but without a home, husband or job in my early twenties and again in my thirties I had to find my own way towards fulfilling my dreams. I studied the writings of the most respected motivational teachers and put their words into action. I realised I had a gift for motivating others and have put this into practice for the last 25 years as a TV presenter, writer, counsellor, healer, mother & grandmother. Hundreds of people come to me for regular one to one sessions, while I reach thousands through my website, blog and articles in several popular magazines.

I started my spiritual journey in 1978 whilst pregnant with my daughter Lara. Throughout my pregnancy I experienced many instances of divine guidance and protection, which I eventually recognised as coming from a deep connection with her Guardian Angel and the Divine Mother. Since then I have had many wonderful Angelic encounters around the world.

I began working directly with Merlin and the Angels in 1988. I developed an interest in VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing and Sekhem Seichim Usui Reiki, I received attunements and transmissions from many wonderful healers and teachers, including Ric Weinman and Doreen Virtue and Abd El Hakim Aywan.

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Happily married to Paul Foss-International Composer/Producer director of Qritikal Media He accompanies me on my live presentations and provides me with my meditation music. He is a founding member and composing producer of ‘Alchemyst of Sound’ and writes all my meditation music for my healing sessions and Angels of Awakening CDs.

When we play music and I sing Light Language from the angels in concert or ceremony, we are known as the ‘Angel and the Alchemyst’ and Paul is the Cosmic Percussionist.

I founded and owned "Paper Safari" a beautiful shop specialising in Angelic gifts and stationery from around the world. During this time I was also "working with Merlin" selling the Dream Wizard Pillow and many other Healing products on QVC TV. This was a part of my life I thoroughly enjoyed. 

In 1999 I established my own healing practice, using caring and humour to reach people who may have never considered this kind of self-awareness as being associated with Angels and Healing. To extend the experience of healing in a safe place Paul and I opened the Daisy Centres Angelic Healing Retreat, Glastonbury, Somerset which we ran from 2006 until today  This beautiful sacred space is also home to the Angels of Awakening. On 7th April 2016, from the Isle of Avalon, I launched the Angels of Awakening Academy website to take my healing and teachings to a global audience.

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I have been featured in and won "3 In A Bed" TV show on Channel 4, Soul & Spirit Magazine, Connections Magazine, Spirit & Destiny, Somerset Life, Western Gazette and many other publications.

In my book ‘Angels of Awakening ~ Lessons of Love, Life & Creation’ I illustrated 36 lessons with beautiful stone statues of Angels, to help you to understand the Spiritual laws of the Universe. I have developed four workshops based on my life experiences and research, these take you on a journey of Healing the Mind, Body and Soul.

My Mission is to Open Hearts all over the World. 

Be Crystal Clear in your Connection to your Angelic Realm 

If you really want to know more about the angels in general or especially the Angels of Awakening. The Angels and I have put together all we have done over the past 15 years at the Daisy Centre Retreat and founded the Angels of Awakening Academy.

We take you through easy steps until you are ready for a whole year of Angelic Lessons. You could of course start right away if you are ready for the full on experience of awakening to your true self!

If you’d like to know more or what's the best way to get ALL of The Angels of Awakening Guidance and advice? Please look around the website, check out my blog and connect with me on Facebook.

I’d love to hear from you - email me at or call 07970 108156