Planetary Energy Report May 2016
from the Angels of Awakening

Why are you feeling anxious and uneasy no matter what your sun sign is?
The Angels of Awakening  are reminding you  to look to nature when things are challenging. Two significant dates this weekend can an affect your energy flow, a little knowledge can go a long way.

On Friday 6th May in Taurus it was a new moon , a time to ground into Mother Earth and embrace every experience with a positive attitude. Click Here for more information.

On Monday 9th May 2016 join the other Skywatchers across the globe and you will see Mercury transit the Sun. The Solar System's smallest planet will pass directly between Earth and our star from around 11:12 GMT to 18:42. Here is a NASA video of Mercury passing the sun taken from the their Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) which is pretty amazing.

Such a transit only rolls around 13 or 14 times each century; the next occasions will be in 2019 and 2032.
Mercury spins around the Sun every 88 days, but its orbit is tilted relative to the Earth's. It is that discrepancy which makes it relatively rare for the three bodies to line up in space.

From western Europe, north-western Africa and much of the Americas, Mercury's seven-and-a-half-hour glide across the Sun will be visible in its entirety. A further swathe of the planet will be able to see part of the transit, depending on local sunrise and sunset times.

More information on Astrospeak:

The transits of May occur only at an interval of 13 or 33 years while the November transits occur at an interval of 7,13 or 33 years. On an average, Mercury transits the Sun about 13 times each century. The measurement of the diameter of Mercury’s dark disc is about 10 arc seconds as compared with the Sun’s diameter which is about 1,922 arc seconds.

Mercury is said to pass between the Earth and the Sun at least three times a year. However, because of its orbital inclination, an exact alignment is rare and happens only in the months of May and November. During this period, the Earth is close to one of the two points that is ascending or descending node in its orbit. The orbital plane is intersected by the plane of Mercury’s orbit. In case the alignment is sufficiently exact, Mercury transits across the Sun’s face. Its angular size is 12 seconds of arc (about 1/150th of the diameter of the Sun).

Astrological science (Jyotish Shastra) regards Mercury as the planet related to business and finance. Any change in its position is said to definitely put an effect on the economy. It has been recorded that whenever there has been a transit of Mercury, the world has suffered an economical setback. Some of the earlier transits that happened were on 9th May 1970, 10th November 1973, 13th November 1986, 6th November 1993, 15th November 1999, 7th May 2003 and 8th November 2006. Each of these transits had a bad impact on the economical position worldwide. It resulted into a crash in the stock market as well as in the financial and banking sector.

I had to check out what Jonathan Cainer said too ! Thank you Jonathan for all your Guidance. He sadly passed on 2nd May 2016, we will miss him.

"The impact, we feel, starts right now. It colours and covers the whole of 2016. As it involves the traditional planet of commerce and communication, 'revealing' what was previously hidden, we should see it as a portent of profitable discovery, in each and every life. It's the year we all find out more about who we were born to be, what we may one day be capable of and how brightly our futures have the potential to shine. It's also the year in which dour gloomy predictions about a future full of austerity and difficulty begin to melt away! So too, sadly, do the low interest rates that the world has been sticking to in an effort to combat inflation.

The world is entering a phase of dramatic, positive growth. And no, I'm happy to predict that this won't all be stimulated by an expensive, extensive war effort. A general, truly global confidence in a future for the world that's both peaceful and prosperous, will gradually but inexorably grow."

You can read Jonathan's Obituary from the Herald Scotland Here

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