Liking - Knowing - Trusting  Daisy Foss

“My Mission is to Open Your Heart to Your Inner Being.
Be Crystal Clear in your Connection to your Angelic Realm”


Perk up your Petals with Daisy 
Open your Heart to your Angelic Being

How Can Merlin and The Angels Help You?

They can help you maintain your calm centre, stay on your Life Purpose and maintain innocence, vulnerability and sensitivity, even in the stormiest of times.

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Are you searching for something?

I love my work as an Angelic Emissary. By strengthening your connection with your Guardian Angels and introducing you to the Angels of Awakening. 

Do you feel you're missing out, sleepwalking through your life?

Then let me, the Angelic Dream Wizard gently wake you up from your unconscious fearful state, being the same as everyone else, tied up in your problems and negative thought forms. 

Would you like Healing? 

I offer one on one sessions of healing in London  or Glastonbury or Absent Healing For those wishing to deepen their connection, please call me for Personal Hands On or Distance Healing by telephone or by Skype to anywhere in the world. When you contact me I will ask the Angels which healing modality will be best for your issue and go from there. Come to my Angel School if your are really serious about Angels.

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Do you feel like you don’t belong in your family, find out why!