I started my spiritual journey in 1978 whilst pregnant with my daughter Lara. Throughout my pregnancy I experienced many instances of divine guidance and protection, which I eventually recognised as coming from a deep connection with my Guardian Angel and the Divine Mother. Since then I’ve had many wonderful Angelic encounters around the world.

Healing & Guidance With Daisy Foss

I will help you make the connection with your angels through healing or guidance. I offer one of the following healing/therapy sessions, AoA Healing, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, Angelic Reiki, Angelic Crystal Healing, Angelic Sound Activation, Daisy Matrix Connection to Source, Past Life Regression, Angel Oracle Card Reading and Spiritual Counselling.
This can be in person, in Glastonbury, London or other venues by arrangement.  To discuss which healing modality would be best for you and make an appointment please Email Me or phone 01458 834587 or 07970 108156.  

I also offer Group healing distance healing and guidance, over the telephone or Skype by appointment.
For more information on the healing modalities I offer Click Here or to learn more about Vortex Healing Click Here.  

A Deeper Experience With The Angels

You are not alone, you have your Guardian Angel, your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and now the Angels of Awakening all helping you, guiding you during your life. My One Day Workshops, Healing Weekends, 7 Day Retreats and Global Sacred Journeys are an opportunity to meet and work with me in Glastonbury, London, Sacred Sites around the world, and other venues by arrangement, please Click Here for more details.

Also see see my Blog for announcements of upcoming workshops, weekends, retreats and journeys.