MP3 Download Angels Of Awakening Invocation

MP3 Download Angels Of Awakening Invocation


Angels of Awakening Invocation Meditation By Daisy Foss with Music composed by Paul Foss

Angels of Awakening Invocation
This MP3 download features beautiful meditations to help you connect with the Angels of Awakening. These magnificent 'Angelic Beings of Light' are here to guide us and help us to fulfil all of our pure potential.

Angels of Awakening Invocation Meditation
The first track is 'Calling in the Archangels from all quarters' this will create a safe and sacred space for the Archangels, Elohim, Ascended Masters and Light Beings to protect you.

This will give you the opportunity to open yourself up to a deeper spiritual connection using a traditional technique used by many spiritual practises.

The second track is the 'Pearl of the Sacred Heart Opening Meditation'. As you are taken through to the next level in a continuous flow, through the flower of your heart chakra to the flame of love, experience the love in the pearl of your sacred heart.

The third track is 'Invite and Invoke the Angel's of Awakening'. In this sacred space we call forth the Angels of Awakening to pour their light through your whole system for healing.

The forth track is 'Harmonise and balance your chakras.' As the healing light flows through from the great central sun, through all of your higher chakras, through to the centre of mother earth. Harmonise, cleanse, clear, balance and activate your chakras.

The fifth track is 'Ask for guidance and healing energies.' Take this opportunity to ask the Angels of Awakening for clear and concise guidance. Be open to receiving any messages that the Angels want you to know.

The sixth track 'Closing the sacred space with blessings and thanks.' In this track you will be healing, sealing and protecting your space as you prepare to finish this meditation.

The seventh track is the 'Breathe of Life Music Track.' Composed in a space of love by Paul Foss to enable you to use your breath to connect with the Angels, integrating and bringing together all the above with gratitude, love and great blessings. 

All tracks, all rights reserved ©2006 Rhythm of the Universe ~ All recordings ©2006 Picture Sound Publishing. 

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