Angels of Awakening Original Products

Limited First Edition Book - The Angels of Awakening Lessons of Love, Life and Creation
By Daisy Foss & Laraine Krantz

We decided to concentrate on a large format coffee table style book, one that never gets "put away", a perfect way to start every day, with a conscious connection to the Angels and insights to all the Spiritual Laws of the Universe. Just dip into the book for Divine inspiration or look up the Lesson you wish to know more about. With the help of the Angels of Awakening these lessons of Love, Life and Creation will help you to understand and develop a greater sense of unconditional love and well being. The book has 36 lessons illustrated with images of beautiful stone statues of Angels, to help you to understand the Spiritual laws of the Universe. The images are from all over London and Italy, ancient stone angels holding the energy of the Angelic realms.

Each book comes with a complimentary bookmark and a pack of Oracle Cards and is now only £10.00.


Oracle Cards - The Angels Of Awakening Lessons Of Love, Life And Creation By Daisy Foss & Laraine Krantz

The Oracle cards are hand bag sized for easy use, easy access, you can carry them with you where ever you wish for instant guidance from the Angels of Awakening. They are supported by the Angels of Awakening ~ Lessons of Love, Life & Creation book that Daisy and Laraine published in 2006. Free with the Angels of Awakening Book - not available separately.


Angelic Wishes Oracle Cards By Daisy Foss & Laraine Krantz

These Angelic Wishes are the Angels gift to simplify the 36 Spiritual Laws of the Universe. This is a unique way to help you understand these laws as lessons for you to use all the time. Each one is a genuine wish from my clients, friends and family, they are expressed as a wish for yourself, a wish for others and a wish for the World and Creation. Free with either Angels of Awakening CD - not available separately.

Angels of Awakening - 36 Lessons of Love, Life & Creation CD

A talking book, this enables one to listen to the Lessons of Love, Life and Creation and learn the Spiritual Laws of the Universe easily. A request from my fellow therapists, as it is also very relaxing and makes a change from music, during a healing session. All tracks, all rights reserved ©2006 Rhythm of the Universe ~ All recordings ©2006 Picture Sound Publishing. £10. Comes with a complementary pack of Angelic Wishes Cards.


Angels of Awakening Invocation CD

This CD features beautiful meditations to help you connect with the Angels of Awakening. These magnificent 'Angelic Beings of Light' are here to guide us and help us to fulfil all of our pure potential.

Included is 'Pearl of the Sacred Heart Opening Meditation'. As you are taken through to the next level in a continuous flow, through the flower of your heart chakra to the flame of love, experience the love in the pearl of your sacred heart.

The seventh track is the 'Breathe of Life Music Track.' Composed in a space of love by Paul Foss to enable you to use your breath to connect with the Angels, integrating and bringing together all the above with gratitude, love and great blessings. All tracks, all rights reserved ©2006 Rhythm of the Universe ~ All recordings ©2006 Picture Sound Publishing. £10.

Angelic Crystal Angel

Pocket Angel Collection
Our delightful pocket angels, perfect for meditation and Angelic Crystal Sound Activation Meditations come in assorted sizes, available in Clear and Rose Quartz. Each crystal angel is unique. Postage and packing is £2.50 per order
- A pair of 25mm Rose Quartz angels are £10
- A 35mm Rose Quartz angel is £10
- Selenite & Rose Quartz carved angel 45mm is £40

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