Reiki Healing

The Angels of Awakening Reiki system is a healing system that allows you to heal yourself and others. It is designed to connect you to, and synchronize you with, the universal source of love, light and harmony. Anger, worry, rudeness and other ego based behaviours and feelings make it hard to connect and be with this universal source of love, light and harmony. To help overcome these behaviours Dr Usui incorporated the Reiki principles, a simple set of affirmations which are said morning and night with hands in the prayer positions.

When giving Angels of Awakening Reiki, you are energized, your energy is not drained but replenished, pain and acute problems alleviate quite rapidly. Problems of a chronic nature may take several treatments. Angels of Awakening Reiki can never cause harm. It always knows what level of healing a person needs and will adjust itself to the need of the receiver.

Angels of Awakening Reiki is given lovingly with hands on the patient or by absent distant healing through the divine web or universal matrix of life.

Benefits of Angels of Awakening Reiki

- Simple and open to everyone
- Reduces tension and stress on all the subtle bodies
- Gives Physical, Emotional Mental and Karmic Healing on all levels
- Releases blocks within all your physical and spiritual bodies
- Increases your intuition, sensitivity and awareness of your energy bodies
- Boosts your vitality and energy of those around you
- Not connected to organized religion, it is spiritually guided life force energy
- Enhances your life and your families with unconditional love

An Angels of Awakening Reiki Treatment

A Holistic or a "whole ~ istic" approach to healing. Angels of Awakening Reiki treatment sessions are non invasive, you are fully clothed and lie or sit in a comfortable position. The practitioner connects and moves the auric field layers to promote healing and does not need to touch a client during a session, this is optional as sometimes the client requires a hands on response. The greatest benefit of a treatment is that the client receives healing energy for all levels of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

- Reiki symbols are used to permanently restructure aspects of your energy bodies
- Allows a reservoir of Angels of Awakening Reiki energy
- Accesses a consciousness factor that connects to the symbols
- Implants the symbols for the rest of your life

Angels of Awakening Reiki energy has an intelligence of its own. You cannot will it to go to specific place or injury, it is best to be neutral and facilitate the energy and trust it is going to the correct place in the body.

AoA Reiki Workshop Courses

Angels of Awakening Reiki® an electromagnetic vibrational energy is transferred through the practitioner's hands when the hands are placed on or above the physical body. The practitioner is a conduit of the Angels of Awakening Reiki® energy matrix, receiving and transferring it on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and karmic levels. The practitioner uses the Angels of Awakening Reiki® sacred symbols, which allow the energy to come forward in a focused manner and open access to the high vibratory love frequencies.

The practitioner works in partnership with the recipient's conscious intent, higher self, angelic guides and the universal Source of love. The amount of energy received and integrated by the individual will be exactly that which will best serve his or her highest good at that particular moment in time.

Angels of Awakening Reiki First Degree®

The most important part of the first degree is for you to learn about your individual energies and to get used to them. To learn what it feels like when it flows properly, when there is a block, when to change positions, when you are finished with a treatment. The wonderful gift you receive at this level is to clear your energy field of negative thinking

One Day Workshop will include:

- The history of Reiki
- Four attunements to Angels of Awakening Reiki®
- How to connect to your Angels of Awakening Reiki® Guides

Angels of Awakening Reiki Second Degree®

The most important part of the second degree is for you to work on others. If you are interested in becoming a practitioner, the second degree is essential. In the second degree you learn about energy blockages, hand positions for use on other people, the Reiki symbols and the four levels of healing ~ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We work with your Reiki guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, how to clear a past life issue in your Karmic body and much more.

One Day Workshop will include

- All of Energy power symbols will be revealed, explained and practised
- How to concentrate and focus on your Divine Purpose with Reiki
- The causes of Dis- Ease and the holistic approach

Angels of Awakening Reiki Master Degree®

The most important part of the Master Degree is to increase your vibrational level to enable you work with more powerful Reiki guides. The purpose of the Reiki master practitioner is to be confident and be able to handle serious issues such as terminal illness and the dying process. It is essential that you have at least 6 months of working with the second degree energy before requesting the Master Degree attunement. This is a longer process, has more responsibility attached to it, and can have a significant impact on your life.

Angels of Awakening Reiki® attunement is often compared to fine tuning a musical instrument. We all have energy fields or auras, within which we have energy centres called chakras ~ Sanskrit for wheel. If you imagine your aura as a magnetic field around you, then your chakras are like energy icons or vortexes where you send and receive your energy. Everyone's aura is moving on different vibrational levels, and we all have our own energy "stuff or baggage" to deal with. In an attunement, your aura is cleansed and cleared of as much "stuff or baggage" as you are willing to release. Your chakras and aura are balanced and harmonised and your vibration is adjusted to accept the Reiki energy. Very often the Angels of Awakening Reiki® energy is of a higher vibrational level than you are used to feeling on a day-to-day basis. At each Reiki degree level, a person's vibrations are raised to accept the increasing levels of energy, the different types of energy flow, and the information being channelled from the source of unconditional love.

One Day Workshop will include:

- The Angels of Awakening Reiki Reiki® Master Symbols will be explained and practised
- How to give Angels of Awakening Reiki® First and Second Degree attunements
- How to give and use the Healing attunement
- The Angels of Awakening Reiki® Master Attunement

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