How can I thank you and the angels?

"How can I thank you and the angels... for all your generosity and blessings last wend. Your generosity endlessly outpouring  .....of time... of  healing....  touched me deeply over the whole weekend.

Blessed times  ......... integrating ...... allowing.. letting the love of the liberation percolate.....circulate... flow ....move and most of all  earth gently but willingly into my being.

Strong messages surfacing re  integration into my practical life and personality . A message to Stabilise ; to build a material 'Containor' .......  to create a solid anchor under my feet....the anchor to give me ballast and balance to go forth.

My prayer is to allow  and  manifest .... abundance... prosperity, create my home....  which will provide the  'containor' for  growth and expansion.

The financial stability.... providing  the earthing and resources to express the Love .

So alas while soaring to the Heavens ...I will keep 'peeling the potatoes too!' and blessing all who help me .

Much love and thank you to you from this place  - as I embrace the blessings of my weekend  at the Daisy Centre .



Truly Amazing

"When I found Daisy, I was feeling completely stuck in my work. I had tried again and again to contact my some of my Avalon guides, but there was a roadblock inside of me I couldn't clear myself.

Daisy took me on an extraordinary journey to the realm of magick inside me, where I was able to meet my cosmic guides and come home to myself in a new way. Daisy's intuitive guidance is also incredibly precise and accurate. Since our session together, my business has grown exponentially, I have more clients than ever, and I feel creatively liberated.

Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with Daisy! Her work is truly amazing!"

Lizzie June 2017

Thank you for the most amazing healing treatment

I just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing healing was like nothing I've ever experienced and also for the hand releasing techniques and advice...I truly feel from this, from staying at your beautiful centre and from my course that I am a new woman and I can step into the next chapter of my life with love and a renewed strength so thank you to you and the lovely Angels and Merlin and spirit for this.

I hope to return when I can and also visit you in London or you can come to our beautiful centre in Birmingham

Love and Angelic light
Lorna xx 😊💗

A Home from Home

Jade's message after her stay

"There is no where else on Earth I could go to experience such family friendly angelic connection as with Daisy in the heart of Avalon. I have had numerous angel experiences during my many stays here, and felt the presence of all the ascended beings helping all the guests and visitors find their way through disruptive times.

Thank you for the use of the Sanctuary to play the harp in and for the Vortex treatments. Thank you for the positive and uplifting affirmations everywhere. Thank you for the peaceful garden where the children Love to Play. I can't wait to come again!"


The Unlikely Angels

Dear Daisy

I wanted to thank you so much for organising the wonderful visit to Stonehenge which my friend Karen and I so enjoyed Sunday morning, and for allowing us to be a part of it. It was a stunning experience with lovely people to share it with - a wonderful happy memory to keep. I just wanted to let you know the post script to Karen and my Stonehenge adventure in the 1973 VW van! As you know the beautiful old van (which is a bit temperamental) had carried us down to Stonehenge around the Wiltshire countryside and via a curry in Amesbury to the Long Barrow alongside the stones where it lost total power to the engine and electrics at Midnight! We coasted to a standstill and camped up for the night philosophical that we had arrived at our destination and it could all be sorted out in the morning and at worst we could be towed home by the AA (as it had been several times before).

In the morning, as everyone gathered - when we made mention of the fact that the van had 'died' the night before - everyone said the angels would help us. 'Had we asked the Angels?' I felt that the angels probably had much more important things to deal with than an old van, and when everyone departed for breakfast Karen and I brewed a cup of tea as we decided on our course of action.

Suddenly a car came racing up Long Barrow and came to an abrupt halt right next to the van, and out poured 3 young men. It felt a bit like they were invading our space and reverie as there was no one else around and they quite literally parked on top of us! 'Alright?' they asked and we said we were fine but the van was not and would they give us a jump start. They said they would after they had looked at the stones. As good as their word 15 minutes later they came back and a jump start proved futile as the problem was more complicated than a flat battery. It transpired that they were on a road trip weekend from Staffordshire, sleeping in their Volvo - and two of the young men were mechanics - and they set about under, inside and around the van determined to get it started. 40 minutes later they found a burnt out fuse which was replaced and the van started beautifully!

They stood back pleased that they had finally got it going and I said to them that at our special visit to the stones we had been told that the angels would help us and that they were the angels that had come to our aid! They visibly grew and beamed at the thought and we shared a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits before they left!

Karen and I started on our journey back to London discussing the possibility that angels come in many forms and just maybe they could be 3 young lads from Stoke in a clapped out Volvo!

It was a beautiful end to a beautiful and amazing experience at Stonehenge - thank you Daisy

Rachel (and Karen) x

Kendra came for a Crystal Weekend in March 2016, this was her review.

“Completely relaxing -  could not have been more welcoming.

I was looking for somewhere for my daughter and I to completely relax and have a couple of treatments.

If you want to de-stress and you are comfortable / familiar with taking your shoes off at the door (quite a widespread practice these days) and you do not mind or even welcome having no telly and go there with an open heart, you will rewarded ten-fold.

There is a kitchen downstairs with a drawer full of every herbal tea you can imagine and a cupboard with regular tea and coffee from which you can help yourself and they just ask that you do not take up to your room totally full mugs of tea to avoid spillages on the gorgeous white carpets etc. There is beautiful conservatory laid out with cereals, butter, jams etc. as they do not offer a full breakfast but again, guests are welcome to make toast and have cereal, tea or real coffee.

Not unusually (especially for an arty / tourist town) there is a small shop in the foyer. Daisy runs crystal workshops and courses and has this info along with other info on therapists etc. and an array of interesting items for sale. This is a centre for crystal healing. It is also a business but most definitely a business run with love. I was twice pointed in the direction of shops in Glastonbury as places where I could also purchase things on sale here or things slightly different to what was on sale there, depending on my preference. My daughter was also given a small crystal angel as a gift.

If you are not interested in crystal healing but want a little retreat to spend a night or two then you can just book in and relax. Whatever level of healing you want is there from a quiet, safe place to lay your head to a full-on treatment based learning experience.

If you are receptive to joy, happiness and respect for others then that is what you will find. Everyone there is light-hearted and amenable. We will definitely be returning."

“Well, since I saw you this afternoon I am no longer denying myself what I deserve or what is rightfully mine. I am on fire, very focussed and working hard to get 100 emails out tonight before I leave....and it feels fantastic. Thank rock!” K