Angels of Awakening ~ 
Healing Therapies & Prices 2017

These therapies are all available on site at the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury. If you would like to book any of these during your stay please let us know at reception.

We have to book the therapist’s time, so some may be available on the day, whilst others may require 24 hours notice. Please pay the therapist directly.


Angels of Awakening Process                                         Daisy Foss                                          £80

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing                       Daisy Foss       Glasto/London         £80/100

Angels of Awakening Reiki                                               Daisy Foss                                           £70

Angelic Crystal Healing                                                     Daisy Foss                                           £70

Angelic Sound Activation                                                  Daisy Foss                                           £90

Daisy Matrix Connection to Source                                 Daisy Foss                                           £70

EIP of DNA (Emotional Interference Repatterning)     Daisy Foss                                           £70

Magnified Healing™                                                          Daisy Foss                                           £70

Energy Healing                                                                   Daisy Foss                                           £70

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing                        Ammaprema Grace                              £70

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing                        James Coombes                                    £60

Atlantis Crystal Healing                                                       Bari Brown                                         £60

Angelic Reiki                                                                         Bari Brown                                          £60

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)                               Bari Brown                                          £60

Spiritual Life Counselling                                                    Bari Brown                                          £60

Craniosacral Therapy                                                            Bari Brown                                          £50

John of God Crystal Bed Therapy                                       Bari Brown              20mins/£20, 1 hour/£50


Readings (Angel Oracle Cards)                     Daisy Foss                                           £80

Past Life Regression                                        Daisy Foss                                           £80

Angel Oracle Reading                                      Bari Brown                                          £60


Thai Hot Compress Massage                         Bari Brown                                         £65

Thai Head massage                                         Bari Brown                                          £40

VortexHealing® Unwinding the Facia         Daisy Foss                                           £90

Therapies with Dianne Allison at the Daisy Centre


Energy Healing                                                Dianne Allison                                     £60 – 1 Hour
Using a combination of Reiki, Seichem and Magnified Healing including chakra and aura cleansing and balancing, Chord cutting, intuitive crystals and working closely with your own angels and spirit guides this healing is really relaxing and refreshing and can be given in combination with a massage or reflexology for a really luxurious experience.


Reflexology                                                     Dianne Allison                                     £45 – 45mins

Full Body Massage                                          Dianne Allison                                     £60 – 1 hour

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage               Dianne Allison                                     £40 – 40mins


Reiki + Reflexology                                             Dianne Allison                                     £60 – 1 hour

Reiki + Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage      Dianne Allison                                     £60 – 1 hour

Reiki + Full Body Massage                                  Dianne Allison                                     £75 – 1h15m

Energy Healing+ Reflexology                             Dianne Allison                                     £110 – 1h50m

Energy Healing + Back, Neck Shoulder Mas   Dianne Allison                                     £110 – 1h50m

Energy Healing + Full Body Massage              Dianne Allison                                     £110 – 1h50m