VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Daisy’s friendly and ‘down to earth’ manner is refreshing and reassuring. It is her mission to gently guide you to wake up from the state of illusion and separateness, with a little Divine Magic and Alchemy.

 VortexHealing® is a Divine healing art from the Merlin lineage. Designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, heal the physical body, and awaken spirit within the human heart.

® "VortexHealing" is a registered service mark of Ric A. Weinman.
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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing
Do you have an issue in your life that you just can’t shift? Do you want to awaken to your true being?  Although you can see the pattern you don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. It is time for a positive change! If you feel stuck, if you are depressed, and if you are stressed or if you have any emotional or physical issues, let Daisy help you to make that change. Daisy’s  many satisfied clients include those seeking help with Cancer, Psoriasis, Ovarian Cysts, Fertility Problems, Post Natal Depression, ME, Weight Problems, Bereavement, Divorce Issues, Broken Bones and Sports Injuries, Smoking, Drug and Chocolate Addictions and many more.

VortexHealing® Angel Heart
Daisy channels with both Merlin’s and angelic assistance a quality of angelic energy and consciousness called Angelic Heart. The human emotional system responds very strongly to this, facilitating the release of old emotional patterns and helping the remembering of our own Heart. In particular, Angelic Heart creates a bridge from the human emotional system to the angelic realm, and this bridge becomes a kind of ‘invitation’ for the ego to let go of its attachment to emotional drama so it can more fully engage the energy that is being offered. In addition, Angelic Heart bridges into and does some work with the subconscious mind. By working in these ways, Angelic Heart is able to create a broad transformational movement, which is greater than the release of specific conditioning.

I truly believe that I am blessed to live my dream of connecting
to Merlin and The Angelic Realms on a daily basis
— Daisy Foss

VortexHealing® Fascia Unwinding  90mins  
Daisy works hands-on with the tissue of your body, in particular the fascia, also known as connective tissue. The idea is to make you more comfortable with your body and more aligned with it, therefore more in tune with what is happening in it. Fascia Unwinding is especially good for aches, pains and sprains. All physical traumas, spine and back issues are helped by working directly with the tissue to 'unwind' the energetic patterns held there.
During a relaxing session of healing she will release you from any ties that bind you and begin you on a new journey of self-discovery that will change your life. VortexHealing® is the registered trade mark of Ric Weinman used here with permission.  www.vortexhealing.org

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Daisy's Journey with
VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing 

This is "My Story" of how I awakened with Merlin. VortexHealing® is a Divine healing art from the Merlin lineage. Designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, heal the physical body, and awaken spirit within the human heart. Having been a student of VortexHealing for a number of years, it wasn’t until I had a serious accident in Skiathos (full story in Daisy’s Angel Story) that I realised how powerful VortexHealing really was.

The pain was so intense and I just kept calling on Merlin and running all the transmissions and structures I could. Paul and I had been to the Health Centre and I had an x-ray, I had broken my left arm just below the shoulder and the bones were overlapped, I had to travel to the mainland to investigate my head injury before they would let me fly home. I remember having this very vivid dream, this very bright gold and violet light was mending the webbing in my physical body; it was pulling and stretching the muscles and tendons. When it got to the broken bones the VortexHealing was truly amazing, I could see a really bright sapphire blue and purple light, it was like a fabulous jewel, focused like a laser beam coming out of Merlin's wand, it sealed the broken bone in my arm and traced around the broken bone on my shoulder sticking it back into place. The VortexHealing light continued to bathe through my body for the rest of the night, with the pain subsiding a little. The next day I was not sure if it was a dream or if it had really happened.

When I arrived back in London four days later I went straight to Kingston hospital and had another x-ray and the bone in my arm was back in a straight position and was healing very well. The consultant saw the original x-ray with the overlapped bone and he said "I don't care what you do, you can stand in the corner and pour pepper on your head if you think VortexHealing has helped keep doing it."

That was the day I knew how "hot" VortexHealing was and made the decision to learn as much as I could and be a full time Vortex Healer. With Merlin and Merlina guiding and healing me, my injuries were getting better. I still had pins and needles and numbness from the crushed discs in my spine. I asked Ric if I could go to the next class and he said as long as I could lie down I could come. I worked really enthusiastically and set myself targets, everyday there was improvement, I was still in pain but I could lie down.

It was during my daily VortexHealing meditation that Merlina, my Guardian Angel would down load information to me by "creative writing". One day I wrote the Blueprint of the Daisy Centre, it was 13 pages and included the Daisy logo, the business plan and future plans of Daisy Centre Retreats around the world. (The wonderful realization is that 5 years later many of those plans have come now into manifestation.)

The Next Class was Breaking Time Lines in October 2001 held at Poulstone Manor in Hereford with Ric Weinman. My left arm was still very swollen and bruised, Ric used it as an example in the class and broke the timeline of the accident and put the arm into oneness. My arm reduced in size right in front of my eyes, I was so grateful, the pain also reduced and there was a definite lightness in my whole body. Breaking Time Lines is something I do with most of my clients as I find it so effective for most issues.

With my arm still in a sling I caught the Euro Tunnel to go to Tilburg in Holland for the Life Form Class with Anthony Gorman in 2002.It was during this class I met fellow wizards who would become really good friends.

We continued to meet at Grimstone Manor in Horwithy, Devon in 2002 for the Interdimensional, Genetics and Sensing with Ric Weinman. The original Heart Freedom and Presence Transmission was the class with four Merlin's facilitating, Ric Weinman, Anthony Gorman, Alexandra and Emmanuella. By the end of 2002 the results were very encouraging, it had taken me 18 months to recover and I had almost completely healed from the fall.

Earth Shift 2002 was held in Columbia Hotel in London and was facilitated by Ric Weinman and Anthony Gorman; there were lots of VortexHealers from many levels. It was great meeting everyone and seeing how VortexHealing had grown.

In the spring of 2003, I went to Crete for the OMEGA Class. It was during this class I realized that Merlin had used the Omega ball and the Jewel transmission on my arm after the accident, they were the colours and structures I saw in my dream, it had been a vision after all. People came from all over the world, Israel, Argentina, Japan, Germany, France, Holland, Ireland, Brazil, India, USA and the UK we had the first truly international gathering and it was such good fun. I started to practise as a full time Vortex Healer and set up my healing room in my house that year.

The first post Omega course was the Karmic and Energetic Bodies Release in September 2003 where I learnt how to do Reality Shifts, They really transformed my VortexHealing. This was held in the Columbia Hotel in London and was facilitated by Ric Weinman. I had started to practise in Presence and Presents in Richmond at this time and had quite a regular clientele.

The Advanced Sensing was held in Poulstone Court in Hereford with Ric Weinman in October 2003 followed by the Fascia Unwinding course in the Columbia Hotel in London. I love the fascia body work, it really compliments the VortexHealing.

We went back again to Poulstone Court in Hereford for Essence and Divine Magic and Body and Heart of Merlin's Jewel in 2004 with Ric Weinman. Earth Shift 2004 was held Columbia Hotel in London and was facilitated by Ric Weinman, this year there was even more students from around the world. This event really does increase your Shakti and it was quite orgasmic!

My practice was building and I had a full time job now as a Vortex Healer, loving every minute. The next class was Advanced Genetics in 2005 held at was held in Poulstone Court in Hereford with Ric Weinman. It was very different to the first class; I do use the dot chromosomes for many issues. A lot of clients benefit from the genetic kinks release, especially those with hereditary problems.

Then came the Jewel Class in 2005, this was the post Omega transmission completed or so we thought ~ The VortexHealing Master degree ~ of course it doesn't work that way. We are always evolving and learning and advancing, life is an ongoing process, and so is raising one’s vibration, ascension, enlightenment, losing your core veil, call it what you will. When people ask me if I am Awakened, I find it hard to answer, but then I remember that when asked that question The Dalai Lama says he is working on Compassion, like his Holiness I too am working on Compassion.

The Core Veil Class 2005 followed on, we were at Poulstone Court for over a week. I was not very happy during this class, only one person lost their core veil in that class, although there was a little "club" of those who had. It felt like whole thing was a cosmic joke and we were being hoodwinked, a bit like the children's story "The Emperor’s New Clothes". I realize now this is part of the process.

Earth Shift Intensive February 2006 once again held at the Columbia Hotel in London. It was facilitated by Ric Weinman, Merav Goldenberg and Lorraine Goldbloom. There were over 250 students there from all over the world. The Shift was very angelic and soft in its quality from my point of view.

In March 2006 we went to Grimstone Manor in Horwithy, Devon for the last time. The class was the revised ‘Heart Freedom and Presence Transmission’, it was very different and included 7th dimensional light to soften and deepen the issues arising from the loss of the core veil amongst other things.

The Core Veil Class of 2006 was also at Grimstone Manor. I was not going to go to this class again; I was tricked by circumstance to be there. I was just getting crosser and crosser as the morning class progressed. I was going to leave at the break when I was persuaded to stay until lunch time by Kay and Jane (Bless them).

It was the lines of a Janis Joplin song "Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose" that we meditated on for ages that finally popped my core veil. I just laughed for ages, a real belly laugh, very contagious and so genuine. It was such a cosmic joke, there was no-one there to laugh, yet it was just happening, arising from nowhere. Then just to add to the confusion I lost my Mind veil and blew up my Karmic body. My husband didn't recognise me!

There was a definite change, I now have "spiritual Tourette's syndrome" Truth just keeps arising and I've said it before I can stop myself! Other people's attitude towards me has changed ~ it might be something to do with speaking my truth, who knows! I feel a lot softer and a whole lot more free. My physical body hurt from all the accidents and injuries I have ever had, or so it felt like. This is resistance to the Body Veil apparently, since I have tried not to be identified with it, the pain has subsided, all part of the process apparently. All of which I'm sure has nothing to do with losing one’s core veil as I am still none the wiser as to how it happened.

Earthworks June 2006 this was held at Poulstone Court in Hereford with Ric Weinman. It was the opportunity to make divine funnels, weather funnels and four element structures. They all need a lot of Shakti and other students of this class to make them, a good excuse for us to get together. Do call me if you want help making a Divine Funnel in your healing room! It was a very deep transmission and I felt revitalised afterwards.

Avebury Stone Circle Solstice June 2006, the Dragon who lives in the hills at Avebury awakens every seven years. As Merlins and Wizards we have been helping the ley line energy to connect and run more smoothly around the Earth. This is the 3rd visit to Avebury we have made in the last 14 years and the energy is much improved. This year the energy started rising on the day before solstice. A few of us stayed at the Daisy Centre the night before; there was a Dragon Council just before midnight, it was awesome, there were 7 dragons from around the world. We arrived at Avebury at 3am and went to the Heart Stone in the centre of the stones. There were Druids, Witches, Hells Angels, Travellers and other folk. The Dragon Energy built in circles, like a vortex and came in at the Head at the Sanctuary hill, then to the Heart and the Navel in the Stone Circle, along the Tail to Windmill Hill and then to the Egg at Silbury Hill. The Energy felt like a surge around the globe and was still "breathing" as we left for Stonehenge at 6am; there were thousands of people there but we couldn't stop. Instead we brought the energy back with us to London, it was still very strong on Sunday at the Divine Door Earth Shift.

Divine Doors in Egypt a mini Earth shift also in June 2006. This was held in the Columbia Hotel in London and was facilitated by Anthony Gorman, Ric Weinman and Lorraine Goldbloom. This was the work we would have done on Anthony's trip to Egypt later in the year. As a group we brought Divine doors in to the Great Pyramid of Khufu (The Greek name is Cheops) and the middle pyramid of Khafre (The Greek name is Chephren) and the Smaller Pyramid of Menkaure (The Greek name is Mycerinus) this shifted the divine web around the planet, bringing in more divine light. We were working on the golden mean spiral on the land of Osiris connecting the three Great Pyramids with the Solar Cross the Pyramids of Abu Sur ~the sun discs, Dashur ~ the Red and the Bent Pyramid, and Saqquara ~ the Stepped Pyramid of Zosa.

‘Divine Doors Transmission 28th August 2007’ was held at Poulstone Court in Herefordshire. Anthony was the Merlin giving this class, five days in all with lots of lovely friends. The emphasis was on transmission and this meant a lot of lying down for three days whilst our systems are rewired so to speak. The whole idea of this class is to be able to bring the Divine through portals, into objects, people or places, to increase the divine consciousness and have a direct link. We were given 5 portals within our physical systems by Anthony; they each had a specific role. Then we were shown how to set up the Divine Doors in Crystals and other objects. I put one in my engagement ring, connected to Divine Love, and one directly to Merlin in a quartz sphere and then one to the Angelic realms in an Angel paper weight. I thoroughly enjoyed the transmission, I'm not sure how many I will do as it does require a lot of Shakti (Blowing Hard and for a long time, my Clients already think I am in Labour when there is a deep issue to help them with!)

Back in the real world, my connection to Merlin is even stronger than before, and the healing sessions are producing some amazing results. My stance is one of Compassion to myself, my family and friends and all those issues I encounter. Stay heart centred Daisy and just keep practicing Vortex Healing.

So much has happened since then I’ve been too busy to write about it, watch this space, the story will unfold.

Disclaimer: VortexHealing® is a complementary energetic healing tool. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your physician for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.

"VortexHealing®" is a registered service mark of Ric A. Weinman, and is used here with permission. All rights Reserved.


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