Daisy Foss
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 Hi, I’m Daisy Foss, 

I Hold The Space for You to Awaken Your Soul
and Open Your Heart to be Your Authentic Self

I started my spiritual journey in 1978 when I experienced many instances of Divine Guidance and protection. I eventually recognised this as coming from a deep connection with my Guardian Angel and Divine Mother.
Since then I’ve had many wonderful Angelic encounters around the world and I wish to share them with you.

My Mission is to Perk Up the Petals of Your Heart

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With Daisy Foss

Do you wish to feel better about yourself, or deal with an issue?

By Accessing Divinity, I will help you make the connection with your Angels through Healing or Guidance to Awaken you to your Spiritual Journey. This can be in person, in Glastonbury, London or other venues by arrangement.

I began working directly with Merlin and the Angels in 1988.

Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss which healing modality would be best for you.


Angels of Awakening

Angels of Awakening Academy Do you want to know more about the Angels?

You are not alone, you have your Guardian Angel, your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and now the Angels of Awakening all helping you, guiding you during your life.

During the  6 Week, 3 Month and 12 Month webinar courses you will receive a comprehensive introduction to self-improvement, develop an understanding of your own energy and embark on the Awakening Ascension Process.


In Glastonbury

Would you like A Deeper Experience with the Angels?

Develop your own personal connection to your Guardian Angels?
My One Day Workshops, Healing Weekends, 7 Day Retreats and Global Sacred Journeys are an opportunity to meet and work with me in Glastonbury, London, Sacred Sites around the world, and other venues by arrangement.

There will be individual personal healing, Angel workshops, Oracle Card readings, Crystal Meditations and much more


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